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 Newbies guide and explanation. [Read me]

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Revered Chaotic

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PostSubject: Newbies guide and explanation. [Read me]   Wed Apr 30, 2008 3:29 am

Hello there, I'm posting this to highlight some features that some people may not know the site has and some things that should be read and suggestions on how to join Role-plays successfully.

1 ) First off there are rules that you must follow at all times while on the site, please take a moment to read and understand these:

Forum rules [Read these!]

2 ) Are you into role-playing with Graphic Violence and Sexual content? Take a look at the Mature Access? thread, then PM (Private message) Revered Chaotic with your completed application.

3 ) The hierarchy of the site is as follows (From lowest to Highest):

Global Moderator
Assistant Admin

If you have a problem with a person on the site, PM one of the staff members that are higher in the hierarchy. If you need some help or something isn't working for you, etc. then PM a staff member and they will attempt to help you in any way they can, or they will pass you on to someone who can.

4 ) Unsure where to start? Head over to the Introductions section and make a new thread about yourself, tell us as much or as little as you would like. You could also simply say Hello, so now people will know you exist, also a quick way to make a few friends and people to talk too.

5 ) You have introduced yourself, but you now want to join a role-play? Well head over to "Interest checks" (These role-plays are ones that are still being planned or that have moved onto the OOC section) and post in a thread stating your interest in any roleplay you like. Want to join a role-play that is already started? Head over to the OOC section (Out of Character) and post a profile in one of the Role-plays that you would like to join and then simply wait to be accepted or there might be some things that need to change and then it will be accepted. Once accepted head over to the IC (In character) thread in which ever 'era' your roleplay is in and post an entrance and take it from there.

Note!: Always give others a chance to post/reply before jumping in and replying again. You also can join as may roleplays as you want. Be sensible and don't over load yourself so you can't respond to all the Role-plays you are part of in a reasonable space of time, or people might get quite irritated at you. (Also see next number [6])

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not post in an IC Role Play without consulting the creator of the Role-play, you may be ignored or worse. Most RP creators will expect you to post a Character sheet in their OOC before they will let you post anything the the IC.

6 ) Are you going away? If so, post in the Official 'I'm away' thread in the Announcement's section of the site. And also tell those you are role-playing with in the OOC thread of the role-play and you could also PM the creator of the role-play.

7 ) Constructive criticism and Debate is encouraged, however you should not go near the Debating board if you only want to be rude and abusive towards others or simply whine like a five year old.

8 ) Please always adhere to copyrights, you can use others material but do not claim it as your own, give credit where credit is due.

If you do not adhere to the rules or you refuse to cease from an activity (Being abusive or spamming etc) after being told by a staff member to cease and keep doing this then you may get suspended or you may see the forums:


When you are on your last warning the following image will be PMed to you (by a Global or above) and this may include a reason.


9 ) Most importantly, have some fun and get out there and roleplay!

If you need any help my PM inbox is always open so send me a PM and I'll see what I can do.

Revered Chaotic

(Original created by Unknown Assassin, adapted to this site by Revered Chaotic)


-[Welcome to Purgatory]-
-[Revered Chaotic]-
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Newbies guide and explanation. [Read me]
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