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 Mature Section Rules

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PostSubject: Mature Section Rules   Sun Oct 05, 2008 9:13 am

Awright, y'all. I'm finally getting around to putting up the rules for the Mature Section. ALL members who wish to participate in the Mature Access part of the forum must adhere to these rules...and they are as follows:

  1. Please refrain from posting links to third party pornography sites or any such other sites. We also ask that if you do decide to add sexual content to your RPs, you place the following tag in the title: " -|Rated: X|-"
  2. When allowing for sexual content in Role Plays, you will be allowed a little more leeway than in the gallery. However, this doesn't mean I won't ban hammer the fuck out of you for the following:
    - Bestiality (Come on, people...sex with animals? You're sick, you belong in an institution, not on my forum.)
    - Pedophile Content (Having an RP/Post in which a child is advanced upon sexually is grounds for immediate termination of your account, and an IP ban.)
    -Snuff (Hardcore rape scenes in which the victim dies at the end is also grounds for immediate termination of your account, and an IP ban.)
  3. Mature content is not only about sex. You will understand, and utilize this if you are to continue to RP within the Mature section. There are a few other things, besides sexual content, that are considered 'Mature'. Those are as follows:
    - Language : Certain words are considered mature...not on this forum, though. There's only one word you're not allowed to say on RPG Sanctuary, and if you try to, you'll find out. (Kill Frenzy, sorry, bra...I know it's your favorite word, too.)
    - Violence : You can kill what you want, who you want, when you want, with whatever you want. If you go into full on detail about it, it belongs in the Mature section.
    - Gore : If your RP is going to be filled with blood and guts, and bodies strewn across a whole countryside or whatever...cool. Fine by me. Just don't over do it, and make sure it stays in the Mature section.
    - Ideals : This means plot twists. Sometimes, something may happen that could confuse a younger player. We don't want to be the cause of something they read hitting too close to home and scarring them for life, so slap it in the mature section.

  4. Lastly...we're all in this to have fun. Don't screw around and fuck it all up for every one else. If you can't act mature, then there's no point in applying for mature access. Only Mature Role Players Will Be Allowed Mature Access.


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Mature Section Rules
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