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 Poll rules [read before posting]

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PostSubject: Poll rules [read before posting]   Thu May 01, 2008 5:30 am

This is the area of the site where everyone gets to vote. It is democracy at its finest.

Rules of the Poll section

1. Remember that maturity is expected of all participants of RPG sanctuary.
2. Place your vote and then write why you chose that for that if you so wish, you are expected to do no more or less than that.
3. This area is is not for debating, if you disagree with what someone else says, then start a topic in the Debates section.
4. Whether starting a poll or getting involved in someone elses; always accept the possibilty that you may be wrong. No one is infallible.
5. Treat others with respect, if you don't like someones ideas you are not invited to attack the idea with every put down you can think of. Constructive criticism is what we are after, see what you can do to help the person improve their idea.
6. Show some respect, remember we are all in this together. These are people you RP with all the time, you don't want to make that awkward.
7. Everybody has their own opinion, that opinion must be respected.
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Poll rules [read before posting]
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