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PostSubject: WHY DID YOU LET ME GO?!:(   Thu May 10, 2012 12:43 pm

I sit here reading our love poems and written pieces to one another...I begin to weep...The time we had together was our moment...my moment...

I loved you, despite the few mystery aspects you had yet to reveal...
I can't bare to get rid of these poems and things, yet the pain it brings when reading them often brings me to tears:(

What did I do wrong, or was it you? The quote that you told me the day it all fell apart will never leave my mind...

I miss those happy days, the feeling of being loved, of being the center of attention... I want to hate you for leaving me...But honestly prior to that you saved me...

I'm left confused and hurt...

wanting you gone and wanting you back
So I sit here crying over many reasons of why YOU were my world...
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