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  Is wrong for a christian to wear a non-white wedding dress (even if pure)?

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PostSubject: Is wrong for a christian to wear a non-white wedding dress (even if pure)?    Sun Nov 06, 2011 1:16 am

I want to wear a princess kimono on my wedding day because they are so beautiful heres kinda what i would want it to look except i would want it to be off the shoulders would it be wrong to wear this? I know white mean pure and i am pure but i dont want a white kimono i probably wouldnt want traditional white wedding dress. I think its fine, the kimono is beautiful, and I'm a big fan of its your wedding do what you want - but it sounds like you are religious and so maybe should check with the people that it might be a big deal to, like your groom to be, your parents, the official marrying you/ the church, etc. I would just hate for you to have a super black lash from people and ruin your wedding day. Ask someone close to the wedding who can give you good advice - like a maid of honor. You can wear what ever you like. The color of your wedding gown has nothing to do with whether or not you're "pure". No one cares about that anymore.You can choose Prom Dresses Under 200,Prom Dresses 2011 ,Ivory Flower Girl Dresses from GoodGoodsChina.com. Source(s): Bride to be who is wearing an ivory gown. It goes better with my skin tone. Wearing white on your wedding day in Western Culture is the symbol for joy. It has nothing to do with purity or standing out in a crowd. Also, if you look back in history, wearing white is a relatively new tradition that started with Queen Victoria (or Queen Vickie as I like to call her). She started the tradition of wearing white for a wedding. In Vickie's day, only the very wealthy could afford white clothing (hard to keep clean) so she did it basically to flaunt her wealth. So for those of you complaining about spending tons of cash on a wedding, you better not be caught dead wearing white. Nothing flaunts your wealth like a white gown.

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Is wrong for a christian to wear a non-white wedding dress (even if pure)?
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